July 3, 2020

Best Bush Up Bars Of 2020 reviews

Tired of doing the same old repetitions day after day? You can take your workout to the next level and build some serious muscle by using the best push up bars.

Compared to regular push-ups, using push up bars will allow you to lower your upper body much further in order to provide you with better and faster results. Another significant advantage of push up bars is the extended range of motion. It helps you increase the amount of repetitions, do more sets and take shorter breaks.

The best part about using push up bars is that gives you all the benefits of a full strength training routine – but without the undue strain on your wrists.

Ready to push yourself to the limit? Here is our list for best push up bars


The Power Press Original Push Up bars will help you improve your technique and positioning while taking care of your wrists at the same time. When you do ordinary push ups, you tend to experience extreme backward bending of the wrist. This is because your hands take on the most weight, resulting in a huge amount of pressure on the tendons and ligaments. These push up bars effectively take joint pain out of the equation to ensure that your wrists are always in a comfortable position as you do your repetitions.

At first glance, you can already tell that these aren’t your ordinary push up bars. The handles are attached to a stable platform with holes that are marked with different colors. By changing your position based on the colors, you can target a specific muscle group like the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Another prominent feature is the premium, non-slip hand grips that provide good grip. Even if you sweat a lot, it guarantees to hold your hands in place as you workout. They’re also oversized to cater to users of all shapes and sizes.

What we love most about these push up bars?

is its versatility. The color coded holes have 14 different preset positions that help you maintain your form and sculpt strong, lean muscles. With so many positions to choose from, you can mix and match different angles that target different muscle groups for a full body workout. It’s as simple as inserting the pins of the handles into the holes, and you’re good to go!

If you’re a beginner who’s new to the push up game, don’t worry – these push up bars come in a complete package that includes a 10 week workout calendar. The program is easy to follow with three simple phases: start up, rev up, and explosion. Every phase works the entire body by including cardio, plyometric and core exercises.


  • Color coded system
  • 14 preset positions on board
  • Premium, non-slip, oversized hand grips
  • Targets 4 different muscle groups: shoulders, chest, back and triceps
  • Free 10 week workout calendar


  • Comfortable hand grips
  • Color coded holes provide multiple positions and angles
  • Stable and non-slip handles
  • Good build quality that will last for years
  • Workout calendar is beginner friendly and easy to follow


  • Board is large and bulky
  • Not portable nor space efficient

Best for All fitness levels: Perfect Pushup Elite


With its premium features and competitive price tag, the Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite makes an excellent addition to your home gym. The hand grips feature an ergonomic design that balances out your weight throughout the arms. As a result, lesser pressure is put on the joints on your wrists and elbows.

What make these push up bars unique?

are its rotating handles. They’re attached to a steel ball bearing system that allows you to smoothly rotate your hands in a natural, fluid motion similar to when you use dumbbells or weights. This movement helps you avoid flat palms on the floor and keeps your arms comfortable throughout the entire workout. But more than just comfort, the goal of this rotation is to engage more muscle groups, particularly in the back and abs. So that instead of a chest-driven exercise, it effectively engages your total upper body.

The handle bars are raised to a significant height, so it gives you more room to dip your body lower. The bottom of the handles is equipped with an off-road style tread to provide superior gripping power on all kinds of floor surfaces. To help beginners start out, this package comes with a 21-day workout program that’s easy to follow.


  • Rotating handles with steel ball bearings
  • Off-road style tread
  • Free 21-day workout chart
  • Maximum weight capacity: 400 pounds


  • Rotating motion puts less stress on the arms and wrists
  • Bottom doesn’t damage floors
  • Large weight capacity
  • Ergonomic design


  • Handles may be too wide for smaller users and may be difficult for them to grip

Best Budget: Elite Sportz Push Up Bars


Getting into shape is on everyone’s to-do list, and using the Elite Sportz Push Up Bars is a great place to start. At the forefront of its many features is its sturdy construction that utilizes a combination of plastic, rubber, and steel materials. The handles feature a flat-top design that’s made of solid plastic with ergonomic contours on the lower side. This is intended to add more comfort, while the rounded edges also prevent your hands from scratching so you can do more repetitions.

Similar to the Perfect Fitness push up bars, this product also comes with a rotating base to reduce the twist of your wrists – allowing you to work out for longer hours with less exhaustion. The base of the push up bars is made with anti-skid material so they don’t slide or move around as you use it.

Weighing only one pound each, these push up bars are one of the lightest in the market today. It comes to you completely assembled, so you can use it right out of the box. As a bonus accessory, it comes with a gym-grade jump rope to add a few cardio exercises to your routine.


  • Mixture of plastic, rubber, and steel construction
  • Ergonomic flat top handles with rounded dges
  • Anti-skid bottom for better traction
  • Free gym-grade jump rope


  • Lightweight at only one pound each
  • Doesn’t move around or slide when being used
  • Rotating motion reduces strain on wrists
  • Affordable price


  • Handle size not recommended for users with larger hands
  • Limited range of motion because it lacks height

Best comfort: CAP Barbell Pair Of Push Up Bars


Design wise, the CAP Barbell Push Up Bars look like professional gym equipment. The bars are chrome plated, giving it a sleek finish and giving it a layer of protection against dirt and sweat. This also means that it’s easier to clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth. The handles are covered with slip-resistant foam that not only adds extra padding for comfort, but also delivers better stability and a stronger grip to make sure your hands stay in place.

Maximum stability is what sets these push up bars apart from the rest. Both ends have T-shaped bases that form the foundation of this product. The bottom is fully equipped with non-slip rubber footpads that provide extra traction so it doesn’t move around or slide as you do your reps.

With a length of 3 inches, each push up bar is just the right height to help you dip your body lower and as close to the floor as possible. Compared to similar products in the market, these push up bars are relatively lighter and come in a compact size that makes it easy to stash inside your gym bag or backpack


  • Chrome plated push up bars
  • Ergonomic handles with slip-resistant foam
  • Hard rubber footpads
  • Total length: 3 inches


  • Affordable price
  • Elevated handles make it easier to target the lower chest
  • Rubber footpads provide good stability and traction
  • Comfortable hand grips
  • Compact and space efficient size


  • Does not rotate
  • No free or bonus accessories included

Best overall: Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar


Forget the gym – you can turn your doorframe into your own personal workout space by using the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. What makes this product unique is that it doubles as a push up as well as pull up bar. You can either hang it high on your doorframe to sculpt your upper body or move it to the ground to perform dips and work those triceps.

The best part about this workout bar is its easy installation – it can be moved around your house without permanently fastening it to anything. No need for screws, bolts, or tools; all you have to do is lock the leverage bar onto the side of the door frame. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.


  • Full metal frame
  • Hand grips with foam padding
  • Rubberized doorframe protection
  • Includes free instruction
  • Pros

    • Three different grip positions
    • Can be moved around without permanent fastening
    • Versatile design
    • Works great for chin ups and pull ups
    • Easy installation


    • Cross bar is only three feet wide and may not be compatible with taller users 
    • Its height makes it difficult to get very low when performing floor dips

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